We Are Deeply Adaptive Creatures

Focusing on our learning and shape-shifting skills instead of our “solid core” makes us happier and more alive.

  • shape-shifting
  • reflecting
  • adapting
  • growing
  • iterating
  • changing paths
  • relaxing and accepting whatever way you show up
  • cling to an identification
  • defend yourself
  • prove yourself
  • stick to un-fun patterns
  • stay small
  • think small
  • fight back and resist change.
“These types of deep-sea sea cucumbers have soft, translucent bodies through which the filled intestines can be seen.” Source
Salps are transparent organisms with soft, gelatinous bodies that occur individually or in colonies in warmer ocean waters. Source

Why I Love Jellyfish

The difference between apricots and deep sea cucumbers, and how that reminds me of human ego



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